Travel and leisure industries have seen a huge digital penetration in the recent times. The demand and awareness of customers have continued to fuel the growth of the travel industry, amongst other core factors. In today’s ever-evolving travel sector, quality of the service offerings and applications are core distinguishing factors helping differentiate players. Websites and apps are available in plenty, enabling users make quick and informed decisions at short notice. An end to end enriching experience, with rich features, robust performance and tight security are important expectations end users continue to look for. QA InfoTech has rich experience working with global leaders in the travel and leisure domain, enabling development of websites, mobile apps both Android and iOS also accommodating important engineering pieces such as accessibility to enable app access to one and all. These are apps developed in latest technologies to offer the best in class experiences both interactively and at performance levels. QA InfoTech also has deep experience, with comprehensive testing solutions for the travel domain. We offer customized automation suites, travel domain frameworks and accelerators to improve the customer’s time-to-market and cost-effectiveness. Our functional and automation testing strengthens and updates travel applications to accommodate out-of-the-box and custom requirements for web and mobile platforms at cost-effective rates.

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