E-learning as a vertical is unique, given that the learn-ability of the content is the critical element. This calls for a thought through design, a simple yet robust underlying architecture, optimized yet scalable development practices, a planned test approach, and an additional evaluation from a domain expert to verify the instructional design. We, at Seraphim, have experience in this domain since our inception in 2003 and work for several leading global e-learning players and publishers helping with their end to end engineering needs. The knowledge and ongoing research also helps our in-house experts continuously optimize the processes and tools we use, alongside the several IPs we have built to benefit our clients. We also partner with subject experts from universities and colleges to augment our services and make the engineering process fool proof.

With several leading learning clients in our portfolio, domain specific customized development models and test automation frameworks, experience of working with commercial and open source Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Content Management Systems (CMSs), we pride ourselves in the edge that we hold in this domain and continue to evolve with every new project we execute.