media production

post production

  • Editing the Content. The film postproduction process typically begins with picture editing.
  • Sound Editing and Adding Music.
  • Adding Visual Effects.
  • Sound Mixing.
  • Color Grading.
Post Production

simple videos

Making  videos using readily available templates from the internet. Robotic voices are added to the video.

seraphim video
seraphim-2d animation

2d animation

2D Animation is used in advertising today includes. Character animation which allows you to create an animated character to represent your product or brand, which can be more effective.

3d animation

3D Animation can be deepen your possibilities to show your product in its complexity. This style helps you to standout in the crowded market where competition is intense and deliver your message with impact.

seraphim-3d illution
seraphim-cartoon animation

cartoon animation

These are majorly frame by frame 2d cartoon commercials around the main character. Since these are short videos we use this technique for exaggerated movements to attract user attention.

animated typography

For those who want to convey numbers and words, this type of animation is the right one. By using a moving text and background music you can build fine, If you have to show an important statics animated typography is a great choice.

seraphim-animated typography
seraphim-media production

commercial shoot

Promoting your brand or products using celebrities through professional video production with mixture of 2D and 3D animations.

stop motion

Stop motion is a brilliant way of producing a video for any purpose by using real-time objects. The actual reason for loving stop motion animation is its reality. All the props and objects used in a video are prepared by highly-skilled artists and animators. The big advantage of its usage- they’re short and very catchy.

seraphim-stop motion