The media and entertainment industry has seen a significant rise in demand and user base over the last decade. The emergence of OTT platforms and smartphones have completely transformed the way media is consumed today.

This industry has revolutionized the way content is produced, managed and marketed. Businesses need to implement digital models that are more aligned on delivering personalized service for a more enhanced user experience.


Seraphim Testing Solutions

Since the early years of inception, media & entertainment as a domain is one that Seraphim has rich experience with. As a preferred partner for leading global ISVs in media and entertainment along with the publishing domains, our expertise, ranges from engineering and testing for media solutions, including publishing platforms, content, varied file formats and the whole end to end ingestion process. Our experience with our affiliate Phando, which is a video publishing and monetization platform developed in house, also enables us to provide cutting edge design, development and testing services in the media world. Phando is an active platform being used globally by several users; the usage patterns include out of box solutions, custom developments, ongoing feature enhancements all of which prove a rich experience bed for Seraphim in offering media engineering services to our clients. In a world that will increasingly be media centric, as witnessed in the COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer our clients a complete package that encompasses not just functional delivery of media solutions, but also complete solutions that are deep in performance, security, accessibility and localized renderings.

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