The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry is going through significant digital disruption. The exponential rise of internet banking and mobile services has increased the pressure to stay customer-centric and agile. Amid rising expectations of the customer and increasing competition, BFSI sector players need to stay ahead of the market through digital transformation at every step. Beyond just workflow functionality, elements of performance, security and accessibility are equally important in giving users a safe, reliable and satisfying experience. In addition to the users, top notch delivery is important in BFSI, from legal and compliance standpoints too.


Holistic Delivery Strategy for BFSI

Solid domain knowledge in a space like BFSI brings significant returns in ensuring close collaboration between business and software development efforts. Seraphim is heavily invested in this space, with a good set of domain experts top down. Our experience ranges working with leading financial institutions, insurance providers all the way to micro financiers. Beyond the domain expertise, we understand the importance of an optimized and a secure architecture design, an agile implementation effort, criticality in handling user data, safe engineering practices both at the development and quality fronts, that together balance security and performance with overall end to end workflows. Our BFSI engineering work encompasses a combination of development and quality touching on functionality, automation, performance, security and accessibility efforts, for both web and mobile platforms, to provide end to end solutions to enable you focus on futuristic technology powered business in BFSI.

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