Retail world is under constant transformation both digitally and at a business level, with changing market trends, never ending growth in the user base and market globalization. With ever-changing technology, retail systems are becoming business critical and evolving to provide competitive benefits. With little or no margin for error, they need experienced partners to take on quick development cycles and even quicker and reliable quality services. With the COVID-19 pandemic, retail is one of the few sectors that is under further increasing demand for services and innovation. This includes varied supply chain innovations including new and better ways to process payments and deliveries, partnerships with varied suppliers and delivery service providers amongst others.

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Why Seraphim Testing Services?

Seraphim, has been working with some of world’s largest retailers across varied geographical engineering centers, aligning their development efforts with reliable outcomes, and developing internal tools in addition to customer facing apps to further bring in business and delivery efficiencies. This includes development and testing both in the labs and onsite, with custom hand held devices, interactions with retail partners, end users, spanning both functional and non-functional attributes.

We have also been engaging with varied players in the retail domain address quality in their retail implementations through large ERP systems. As part of our work in the larger retail space, we also have experience in the Omni channel retail domain helping clients with quality in the E2E workflows that entail this space. Our rich experience in other interdependent systems including supply chain and payment processing systems further enable us provide end to end services spanning development and quality needs of this domain.