about us

Seraphim believes  in the advancement  and power of technology to reduce the complexity of  IT projects and provide extensive IT solutions for the Health ,Entertainment, Travel, Industry.  Our main objective and purpose is to deliver the best technology  available in the current market.

Seraphim has passion  to  impart knowledge and skills for bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. We are also providing educational training on Skill Development & Corporate Social Responsibility  initiatives consultation. We also provide solutions and we are committed to provide healthy solutions for social causes with a vision of greatness, A corporate’s responsibility is complete only when its community and social responsibility activities are made sustainable, focused and result oriented. Seraphim understands that real changes happen when communities are enabled in a manner that has a sustained developmental impact. It is our objective to aid this enablement through a series of structured programs in the communities we are present in. 

tech advancement

our vision and mission


We at Seraphim endeavors at providing a team dedicated to high quality services with extensive IT solutions for individuals, industry and community through our innovativeness. 


Our mission is to deliver the best technology  that significantly increases our stakeholders and job productivity there by enhancing their achievements and reaching out goals of their organization.