To compete effectively in the changing global market, product companies release their applications in multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, open source operating systems and several mobile computing devices including phones, e-readers. As a testing company, we have built our niche in mobile testing services, specifically in testing applications on Android and iOS devices, including a coverage around the human interface guidelines (HIG) for these platforms. We also perform all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing including an optimized mobile test automation approach that accommodates a single test suite both on the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Our smart devices testing scope spans smart phones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks as some of the major categories. With numerous operating systems versions from iOS to Android and zillions of devices in the market, mobile application testing can be a huge challenge. With these evolving devices and underlying technology, we strive to bring in our specialized test and domain knowledge to test applications and content on devices. Our frameworks empower us to extend additional test coverage for applications built with latest mobile and web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3.

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Augmented Reality Application

Today, with the advancement in technology, ubiquitous computing and omnipresence of the internet go hand in hand. This combination has radically impacted our standard of living, that it has become indispensable to our lives.

Wearables Application Testing

Wearables is an up and coming market. Success of a wearable is dependent on its distinguishing functionality, reliable experience, non-intrusive presence, secure operations and seamless coexistence with other computing technologies.

Android &
iOS App Testing

Technology is omnipresent today. Studies show by 2020, 50 billion devices would be connected online and by 2020, everyone under the age of 25 will be digital ready. With such powerful forecasts and hoards of new devices, apps and platforms…

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Major Categories

  • Learning content on e-readers
  • BFSI specific applications
  • Enterprise level deployment of devices
  • Common end user applications

Six Full-range Mobile App Testing Services

  • Mobile Functional Testing Service
  • Mobile Performance Testing Service
  • Mobile Security Testing Service
  • Mobile Usability Testing Service
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing Service
  • Instructional Design