Accessibility TESTING

WCAG Compliance Testing

The population of the differently abled people globally is increasing by the day. This includes people with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. As technology makes in-roads into newer domains and applications, making products accessible for one and all has become the need of the day. Section 508 testing, more specifically WCAG compliance testing is important to standardize accessibility engineering in product development.

Expertise in Accessibility Testing Tools

Section 508 & WCAG 2.1 Testing Services

These standards with WCAG being a subset of Section 508, are being leveraged by product organizations globally in their drive to build digitally inclusive solutions that bring in more market share, better alignment with legal requirements and a product that keeps users in the forefront. The updates to these compliances are regular, organized and comprehensive making these a one-stop-shop for accessibility engineering. The standards also provide multiple acceptance criteria enabling flexibility in adoption at varied paces based on an organization’s accessibility maturity as opposed to one-size-fits-all model.

Files Accessibility Testing Services

We have also been working with several clients to enable accessibility in their files, across formats. This has been working very well with a simple, yet comprehensive engineering approach that ensures compliance with global standards including Section 508, WCAG 2.1 and ADA, across files and content that product companies create. 


WHY SERAPHIM Accessibility Testing Services?

Faster bug detection, quick turnaround time and 24X7 support.

Our special paired testing team comprises an abled and a differently abled engineer who can ramp up as per need.

A niche accessibility development team to help with implementing the outcomes of accessibility testing.

A flexibile engagement model to take your products, files through the journey of digital inclusions at a pace that aligns with your bussiness needs.

Automation In Accessibility Testing

As cognitive an area accessibility is, QA InfoTech focuses on offering the right balance between manual and automated test techniques with end user inclusiveness as the key. Automated accessibility has been an area of deep interest for us and with the collective expertise of our automation and accessibility teams, we have been able to leverage the latest in the industry including image recognition, natural language processing and machine learning APIs to bring in AI powered automation in this space. The results have been promising and the future very bright.

Advantage With Seraphim Unique
Accessibility Solution

With our team of accessibility subject matter experts (SME) alongside a team of differently abled, QA InfoTech addresses not just the compliance requirements but also the end user empathy in testing and enabling a product to realistic levels of digital inclusiveness. Our accessibility testing services are unique wherein we leverage a paired testing approach – for specific areas of test the SMEs work with the differently abled – this approach offers comprehensive accessibility test coverage, as opposed to either of these groups working individually.

A combination of manual and automated testing techniques are herein leveraged to align accessibility with core Agile development cycles. We have experience with open source and commercial tools to enable accessibility testing with assistive tools such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice dictation tools, speech recognition tools, accessibility tool bars, for all platforms including desktop, web and mobile. At the end of every release, a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) report is diligently prepared for our clients along with an objective gauge of where they stand in their journey to digital inclusion. Such a combination of standards and people driven testing gives us an end-to-end accessibility test focus from design and engineering standpoints.